Bookmax: It’s Bookmarks on Steroids

The one-click solution that keeps all your favorite pages, people and newsfeeds in one place.

In the information age, there’s no shortage of great content online—and bookmarking pages to read later is sometimes the only way to keep up.
But your browser’s bookmarking system simply isn’t up to the job. Let’s face it: that interesting link is soon going to be swallowed up and lost in a pile of others, never to be found again.
Worse, when you switch to a new computer or browser, you either have to start all over again or figure out how to import your precious bookmarks. That’s just a complete chore!

Make bookmarks great again with Bookmax

More than just a simple list of your favorite websites and interesting pages that you’ve collected, we’ve designed Bookmax as a one-stop app for keeping your information online.
As a leading online bookmark manager, Bookmax allows you to access your bookmarks from any browser, using any internet-enabled device from anywhere in the world—and it’s not just for bookmarks:

  • Bookmarks: save articles, videos and more with one click and organize links into folders and tags. With private and public bookmark options, you can easily share links with friends while keeping private links away from prying eyes
  • Contacts: store private and professional contact details in one place and organize people into groups for lightning-fast access
  • Memos: never again lose that bright idea by simply jotting down your lightbulb moments with Bookmax’s memo function
  • Lists: create to-do lists, shopping lists and more to stay on top of your responsibilities
  • Newsfeed: never again miss the latest update from your favorite websites with RSS and ATOM newsfeeds
  • Customization: make your Bookmax profile as unique as you are! Choose from a template or create your own designs in minutes
  • Browser integration: access Bookmax using the Chrome Extension or the Firefox Add-On, or simply add a button to your toolbars menu for one-click bookmark saving

Don’t think, don’t wonder—just try us out for free and discover why more and more people are making the switch to Bookmax.
It’s time to revolutionize the way you use bookmarks: if you’re tired of losing that super-interesting bookmark, having to search through a cramped list that’s filled with long-forgotten pages, then it’s time to make the switch.

P.S. Remember, if you don’t like Bookmax, the basic account is absolutely free. Go ahead… sign up today—it’s risk free!

Bookmax Online Bookmarks

History is a free online bookmarks manager, that i first made for myself in 2003, after getting totally pissed for not finding an important bookmark, that i saved somewhere on my many computers at home or work. Soon a colleague asked if he could use it too, so i added a user registration and login. That´s were it all started.
In 2010 i completely rewrote it to provide a better user experience. it was so terribly outdated with all that forms and reloads, and there was already AJAX, a big adavance.
At that time there were already so many users, that i had to update the server and i find a way that bookmax pays its own cost.
So since 2010 there is an additional payed PREMIUM Account available for more tools and features like online notes, online memos or online news.

Online Bookmarks Support

Support is provided as-is with no direct support and no guarantees. You have to use it at your own risk, though there was no data loss since 2003. For reporting errors and bugs, there is a special area on the help page. Though tries hard to fix all bugs, there is no guarantee if and when bugs are fixed. Only bugs in modern browsers are considered, they are mentioned on the home page. There is no more support for IE6.

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